1. You Constantly Hum or Sing

Can't help yourself from bursting into song every time you step foot in the shower? Find yourself humming along to the radio when in the car? If you're humming in tune (or at least close to it), music might be for you.

1. Music Moves Youl

If music makes you want to get up and move your body (or clean your house), and you're actually able to move to the song's beat without looking much like a newborn antelope to those who might see you, you might be a musical natural.

2. You Have Music in Your Family

While we doubt it's been proven scientifically, there are those whom believe that musical talent can be passed on genetically. If your gran sang in the church choir, or your dad played a few gigs back in the day, you might have music in your veins!

3. Songs Stick with You

If you're like Kylie Manogue and simply can't get certain songs out of your head, you might want to take up a musical instrument. What's more, if you're tapping your fingers to them, there's no doubting your musical inclination.